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Translating and interpreting services

You have a right to receive appropriate communication about your healthcare in a way you understand. If you have any difficulties speaking or understanding English, you have a range of support options depending on your needs.

Arranging an interpreter for your visit to hospital:


If you have an upcoming appointment at Werribee Mercy Hospital or the Mercy Hospital for Women in Heidelberg, you can book an interpreter to support you in person throughout your appointment.

Interpreters will talk to your doctors or nurses, and speak to you in a language you understand to ensure you have the details you need for your care and support. Please note interpreters must be booked ahead of time for on-site visits, to ensure a person who speaks your language is available.

To book an on-site interpreter at Werribee Mercy Hospital, you can:
Phone: 03 8754 3439
Email: WMHInterpreter@mercy.com.au

To book an on-site interpreter at the Mercy Hospital for Women in Heidelberg, you can:
Phone: 03 8458 4282
Email: interpreter@mercy.com.au

How to contact us with an interpreter via phone:

If you have any difficulties with English and you would like to contact us on the phone (either for health advice, to confirm information, or to arrange an in-person interpreter for your visit to hospital) you can use theĀ Translating and Interpreter Service (TIS).

With the translating and interpreter service, you will be connected on the phone with someone who speaks your language, so that they can help you to communicate with Mercy Health staff.

Please follow these five steps:

  1. Phone the translating and interpreter service on 131 450.
  2. You will be connected to an operator who speaks English. Say the language you need.
  3. Stay on line while the operator finds an available interpreter for you.
  4. The operator will connect you with an interpreter in your language. You will be asked to provide:
    • your name
    • the phone number of the Mercy Health service you want to contact
    • the name of the person you want to speak to, if you know it.
  5. Stay on the line while the operator connects you and the interpreter to the required Mercy Health service.


Last reviewed September 21, 2017.

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