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Referral instructions and templates

To assist with appropriate referral triage and management, please use the Mercy Health referral templates including all required information. Referrals using your own template are also accepted providing that it includes all information required to triage.

Referral instructions and templates

Referral contact details

A quick listing page for our most commonly used referral contact details. To refer a patient, please complete a referral and fax to the relevant area, service or specialist clinic.

Referral contact details

Accessing your patient’s information

Freedom of Information (FOI) provides advice on information for the release of patient information for health services in accordance with the Health Records Act 2001 and the Health Services Act 1988, as well as requests for information under the Freedom of Information Act 1982.

Accessing your patient’s information

At Mercy Health, the Primary Care Liaison team helps GPs to navigate services at our two hospitals: Mercy Hospital for Women and Werribee Mercy Hospital. The team works to improve communication between the hospitals and general practice. The Primary Care Liaison team also works closely with the Primary Health Networks to provide education & projects that meet the needs of general practitioners to enhance patient care.

Some of the activities we are involved in include:

  • Advocating for the needs of General Practice when reviewing existing services or planning for new ones.
  • Representing the General Practice perspective in the hospital setting
  • Communicating new initiatives to General Practice in a timely manner
  • Improving communication with GPs including outpatient letters and discharge summaries
  • Developing shared care models and credentialing GPs for shared care
  • Creating and maintaining referral templates to interface with relevant software

We can provide support by:

  • Facilitating key contact points for clinical advice for primary care providers (GPs)
  • Encouraging patients to have a GP
  • Developing, providing and facilitating RACGP endorsed education activities

Advance care planning

Advance care planning is about planning for a patient's future health and personal care.

This becomes important if they cannot make a decision or communicate their wishes at the time when treatment or care is being proposed. Advance care planning can help patients receive the treatment of their choice in the future. It also helps their family and doctors to understand what they want and what is important to them.

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Become a Shared Maternity Care provider

Shared maternity care is a model of care where a woman's pregnancy care is provided by hospital staff and a community-based accredited shared maternity care GP, Midwife or Obstetrician. In shared maternity care, labour, the baby's birth and immediate postnatal care are managed by the hospital.

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GP Education

Mercy Hospital for Women and Werribee Mercy Hospital are committed to providing ongoing education for general practice that promotes and supports quality healthcare in the community.

Education sessions held at Mercy Hospital for Women and Werribee Mercy Hospital attract Royal Australian College of General Practitioners, quality improvement and continuing professional development points.

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Contact the team

Primary Care Liaison Team

  • Email address:
  • About:

    The team is available on a part time basis to assist general practice with navigating hospital services and accessing GP education and credentialing. Email and voicemail messages will be responded to during business hours.

Manager Primary Care Liaison Unit

  • Phone numbers:

    Manager Primary Care Liaison Unit
    03 8458 4833
    9am–5pm, Tuesday–Thursday

  • Phone number: 03 8458 4818
  • Email address:
  • Address:
    Mercy Hospital for Women
    163 Studley Road
    Heidelberg Victoria 3084

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Primary Care Liaison Officer

Medical Advisor

Additional information for health professionsals

HealthPathways Melbourne

  • Website: HealthPathways Melbourne
  • About:

    HealthPathways Melbourne is a free, web-based portal with relevant and evidence-based information on the assessment and management of common clinical conditions including referral guidance.

    Please refer to HealthPathways Melbourne for guidance in assessing, managing and referring for patient conditions (login required).​

    Referrals to outpatient clinics at Mercy Health will be triaged against clinical information and investigations based on these guidelines.

    Referrals that do not meet the required clinical information and investigations will not be accepted.

Human Services Directory

  • Website: Human Services Directory
  • About:

    Our patient management systems interface with the Human Services Directory to ensure we have the correct GP and practice details in our software. Please keep your details up to date with the Human Services Directory.

Additional information for patients

Mercy Hospital for Women shared care affiliates

  • Website: Mercy Hospital for Women shared care affiliates
  • About:

    Learn more about shared maternity care and find a list of Mercy Hospital for Women shared care affiliates. Shared Maternity Care for women with an uncomplicated pregnancy (sometimes referred to as ‘normal risk’), who prefer to see their GP for most of their pregnancy care.

Werribee Mercy Hospital shared care affiliates

  • Website: Werribee Mercy Hospital shared care affiliates
  • About:

    Learn more about shared maternity care and find a list of Werribee Mercy Hospital shared care affiliates. Shared Maternity Care for women with an uncomplicated pregnancy (sometimes referred to as ‘normal risk’), who prefer to see their GP for most of their pregnancy care.

Health Direct

  • Website: Health Direct - The Role of a GP
  • About:

    Make sure you understand the role of your GP.

    Please tell us who your GP is when you come to the hospital. You will be asked about your GP details at every hospital visit so we can make sure we have the right information.

    It’s a good idea to have a regular GP or regular medical practice. Your GP will give you the care best suited to your personal needs. They treat the person, not just the disease.