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Providing feedback

Mercy Health values feedback from those we care for, including from your families, friends, carers and the broader community. You can provide feedback about your experience with our services, our employees and the care we provide. It is very important for us to understand what we do well and how we can improve.

You have a right to comment on the care and service provided by health service organisations. This right forms part of the Australian Charter of Healthcare Rights. Learn more about your rights and responsibilities.

To share your feedback with Mercy Health, Health Services you can:

1. Talk to our staff

lf you have a question or concern, let our staff know. Your feedback is important to us.

2. Ask to speak with the person in charge

If you are still concerned, you can ask to speak with the person in charge of the ward or department.

3. Write to us online

Use our online feedback form.

4. Write to us using a physical feedback form

Write your feedback on the form provided and place it in a Mercy Health feedback box (at our sites) or mail to:

Consumer Liaison Officer
Mercy Health
Level 2, 12 Shelley Street
Richmond Vic 3121

We value your feedback – English

We value your feedback – Persian

We value your feedback – Vietnamese

We value your feedback – Karen

We value your feedback – Chinese

We value your feedback – Arabic

5. Contact our Consumer Liaison Officer

Our Consumer Liaison Officer is available on 03 8416 7783, Monday to Friday. Please leave a message on our answering machine with your name and contact number if we miss your call. You can also email our Consumer Liaison Officer at


Other avenues if you are not satisfied with the outcome

Health Complaints Commissioner

If you are not satisfied with the outcome of the complaints process, you may write or call the Health Complaints Commissioner The Health Complaints Commissioner.  The commissioner responds to complaints about health services and the handling of health information in Victoria. The service is free.

1300 582 113 from 9am–5pm, Monday to Friday to discuss your complaint.

Mail to:
Health Complaints Commissioner
Level 26
570 Bourke Street
Melbourne Vic 3000

Fill out a complaint form at the Health Complaints Commissioner website


Mental Health Complaints Commissioner

Level 26
570 Bourke Street
Melbourne Vic 3000
Phone: 1800 246 054

Human Research Ethics Commissioner

50 Lonsdale Street
Melbourne Vic 3000
Phone: 03 9096 5239

Disability Services Commissioner

Level 30
570 Bourke Street
Melbourne Vic 3000
Phone: 1800 677 342

Office of the Public Advocate

Level 204
Lygon Street
Carlton Vic 3053
Phone: 1300 309 337

The New South Wales Care Complaints Commission

Mail: Level 13
323 Castlereagh Street
Sydney NSW 2000
Phone: 1800 043 159

Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency

GPO Box 9958
Melbourne Vic 3000
Phone: 1300 419 495

Last reviewed September 27, 2017.

Your rights and responsibilities

Throughout your experience at Mercy Health, it is important for you to understand your rights and responsibilities when receiving care.

Your rights and responsibilities

Fee Schedule

​If you are not eligible for Medicare, you will be required to pay for the cost of your care. Find out more about the fees for patients who are not eligible for Medicare.

Fee Schedule

Access your information

The Freedom of Information Act 1982 (Vic) enables you to make an application for access to information.

Access your information