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Being a private patient at our public hospitals

Although Mercy Health is a public health organisation, our elective surgery service is available to both public and private patients.

If you are a private patient, you may also have access to our services using your private health insurance.

As a private patient in our public hospitals, you:

  • may choose your surgeon
  • will have access through the private consulting rooms
  • may have a private or single room, but this is not guaranteed.*

Patients are triaged on an urgency basis, not your status as a public or private patient. As a private patient, you will be placed on the waiting list which includes both public and private patients.

The referral process is the same as for public patients.

There may be bed fees involved. These need to be discussed with the private patient liaison officer. Access to service is guided by The Department of Health and Human Services Elective Surgery Access policy.

*Please note that in Ward 6 at Mercy Hospital for Women, although we try and provide a single room this cannot be guaranteed.

Last reviewed February 10, 2020.

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