Outpatient Clinics building

Werribee, Victoria (location within Werribee Mercy Hospital)


A large number of the specialist services offered at Werribee Mercy Hospital are located within the Outpatient Clinics building, next to the multi level car park. You will find other specialty services located throughout the hospital building. Your appointment letter and this website will help you locate the clinic you need. Your appointment:

To access outpatient clinics at Werribee Mercy Hospital you need a referral from GP and your referral will be assessed within 8 days, for more information visit understanding the outpatient referral process and information on surgical pathways at our public hospital.

If you need help on arrival, please ask any of our friendly staff to show you where to find your clinic.

On arrival to your Outpatient Clinics appointment you will first speak with a member of our reception team to check you in for your appointment.

Please arrive 15 minutes before your appointment. This will give you enough time to find parking and walk to the Outpatient Clinics building. The walk can take up to five minutes. Appointment lengths vary according to your needs. Please allow an hour for your whole visit.

Before your appointment:

  • put any letters or results from your general practitioner (GP) in an envelope to bring with you
  • see your general practitioner (GP) if you feel worse in the days or weeks leading up to your appointment
  • please bring someone to assist you with supervising children during your appointment. If you require childcare and are unable to make arrangements, please advise staff so we can reschedule your appointment. Mercy Health staff are not permitted to supervise children during your appointment.
  • bring your Medicare card (please note there will be a $350 fee on the day if you do not have a card).
  • if you wish to see a female doctor it is best to call the Outpatient clinics before your appointment so we can help you. If your clinic does not have a female doctor we may need to send you back to the GP so that you can be referred elsewhere.

Please bring:

  • your appointment letter
  • your Medicare card
  • blood test results
  • x-rays or other scan results
  • a list of your current medication
  • your private health insurance card if applicable
  • you may also like to bring a bottle of water and a book to read.

Please come to your appointment with any questions you may have about your care.

If you require a medical certificate or carer’s certificate, please ask your midwife or doctor during your appointment.

After you see the doctor you may be:

  • discharged back to your GP
  • given medication or sent for more tests and asked to return. We will make a return appointment for you before you go home.
  • referred to another specialist
  • referred to an elective surgery specialty

To change or cancel your appointment:

If you cannot attend your appointment:

We will assist you to reschedule another time, please contact the Outpatients Clinics as soon as possible.

If you no longer need to see one of specialist doctors or you have been seen elsewhere, please advise us as soon as possible that you wish to cancel your appointment.

If you do not come without telling us twice, your GP will be contacted and your appointments cancelled. You can get another referral if you would like another appointment made.

Outpatient Clinics building
Werribee Mercy Hospital
300 Princes Highway
Werribee Victoria 3030

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