Understanding the outpatient referral process


There are a number of steps your referral needs to go through before we can let you know about your appointment. The outcome of your referral will be determined in 8 days as long as we have all the information from your GP needed to assess your referral.

The following guide outlines the steps we take to determine what happens next based on your referral:

Step 1:

Your referral is faxed to Outpatient Clinics by your GP or the Emergency Department.

Step 2:

We review your referral within 2-3 days.

Please note: If we need more information, we will contact your GP and they have 30 days to send us an updated referral. If an updated referral is not sent, you will receive a letter stating your referral is closed.

Step 3:

We triage your referral within five days.

Triage is our way of assessing the information on your referral form to determine if your condition is urgent or not urgent.

Urgent: You are given an appointment date.

Not urgent : You go on a wait list.

Step 4:

We send a letter to you and your GP to confirm the outcome of your referral.


Contact us if you have any questions regarding this information, or you are concerned about the outcome of your referral.

Contacts for health professionals

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    Outpatient Clinics - Medical/Surgical
    03 8754 6700

  • Phone number: 03 8754 6710
  • Website: Outpatient access
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    Call this number for:
    · Appointment questions
    · Referral questions
    · You want to speak to a nurse about why you are coming to see the specialist
    · You want to change your appointment
    · You want to tell us you no longer need your appointment

Last reviewed August 20, 2018.

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