Day Surgery Unit

If you are not required to stay overnight at Mercy Hospital for Women as part of your elective surgery, you will usually be taken to the Day Surgery Unit to recover once your surgery is finished. Here, a team of nurses and clinicians will provide care and support, and monitor your recovery until you are stable and well enough to go home.

Transfer to Day Surgery Unit

Once you are stable in the recovery room, you will then be transferred to the Day Surgery Unit if you have had day surgery.



In the Day Surgery Unit, you will be cared for until you are stable and ready to go home (be discharged).

The medication given to you during surgery makes you drowsy and less alert than normal. Recovery times are different for everyone. Your nurse will tell you when you are ready for discharge.

You will be escorted into our lounge area where you will be given something to eat and drink.


Discharge and your support person

You must have someone to take you home (if you do not, your surgery may be cancelled). It is best to have someone stay with you overnight at home.

A nurse will contact your support person to come and pick you up.

If you are being discharged from Day Surgery, your carer must go to Day Surgery reception to escort you home.

You will also receive discharge education, so you understand the care required after your surgery.


Before you depart

Before you leave, a nurse will confirm your abilities and limitations with you and your support person after your operation.

You will be advised about your post-operation appointment. Most patients will be reviewed after your operation in our outpatient department. Some patients will reviewed by your general practitioner, or in private consulting suites if you are a private patient. Your post-operation appointment instructions will be given to you when you leave the hospital.

Last reviewed September 28, 2017.

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