Our Gynaecology Services

The Mercy Hospital for Women is a tertiary hospital providing a wide range of Gynaecological and Women’s Health Services. This means we provide high level care for women and are actively involved in research and education.

Our specialist gynaecological services are provided through our emergency department, our generalist and sub specialist outpatient clinics, our operating theatres and inpatient wards.
You can also access gynaecological care through our private consulting suites and services.

Our gynaecological care is provided by our dedicated specialist gynaecology team, including medical consultants, registrars and resident doctors, nursing and a wide range of allied health staff

At Mercy Hospital for Women, our gynaecology team (nurses and gynaecologists) review your referral and assign you to a unit based on your doctor’s referral describing your symptoms and test results.

Sometimes we will need to contact your doctor to get more information or ask for further tests. This is to be sure we are allocating you to the best clinic for you, as well as making sure we have all the information we need to diagnose and provide a care plan you.

We offer the following gynaecology care options at Mercy Hospital for Women:

  • general gynaecology – providing care for women presenting with a wide range of gynaecological complaints including menstrual difficulties, pelvic pain, ovarian cysts, prolapse, sexual dysfunction, sexual problems, hormonal disorders and menopause concerns.
  • vulval conditions – providing care for women with vulval skin conditions or pain including Lichen sclerosis, Lichen Planus, Vulvodynia and other longstanding vulval problems.
  • urogynaecology– a sub-specialist service providing care for women with urinary or bowel incontinence or pelvic prolapse.
  • reproductive medicine– a sub-specialist caring for women and their partners, having difficulty falling pregnant and those with related hormonal problems.
  • endosurgery– a specialist service providing care for women with endometriosis, fibroids and other complex gynaecological problems that may require advanced laparoscopic surgery.
  • gynaeoncology– a sub-specialist service providing medical and surgical care for women with gynaecological cancers or pre-cancerous conditions.
  • adolescent gynaecology and related services
  • well women’s services
  • rainbow clinic for mothers and families who have suffered pregnancy loss
  • recurrent miscarriage services
  • post-natal follow up services
  • pre-pregnancy services
  • private gynaecology services
  • genetic health services

Our outpatient clinics are accessed by referral only and you will be booked into the most appropriate clinic for your first appointment:

  • Endosurgery A clinic
  • Endosurgery B clinic
  • Plenty Gynaecology
  • Yarra Gynaecology
  • Urogynaecology
  • Gynae-oncology
  • Vulval Conditions Clinic
  • Reproductive Medicine


Last reviewed September 9, 2019.

Having a baby at Mercy Hospital for Women

At Mercy Hospital for Women (MHW) we offer a range of patient-centred care options for your pregnancy and birth.

Having a baby at Mercy Hospital for Women

Outpatient access at Mercy Hospital for Women

Mercy Hospital for Women offers specialist services for maternity,  gynaecology,  perinatal mental health and a limited range of paediatric and allied health services. To access any of these services you will need a referral from your GP or other specialist.

Outpatient access at Mercy Hospital for Women

Surgical Pathways

When you are a surgical patient at Mercy Health, you will follow an elective or emergency surgical pathway.

Surgical Pathways