Werribee PCL Information

GP Key Reminders:

Primary Care Liaison Department

Primary Care Liaison Manager: Caitlin Shaw

Working days: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

Primary Care Liaison Officer: Sharon Tijssen

Working days are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

Enquiries can be directed to primarycare@mercy.com.au

(Please do not share patient-identifiable information via email)

For more Primary Care Liaison updates, please visit our Primary Care Liaison Unit website.


Last reviewed November 21, 2023.

Shared Care Case Study

A woman presents to her GP shared care doctor at 32 weeks, feeling well however reports reduced fetal movements (RFMs) felt since yesterday. GP action: BP 100/60 Symphysis fundal height (SFH) measured = 30cm (stagnant) and plotted in chart Fetal Heart Rate auscultated 147bpm over 1 minute Comparison of SFH chart made, noting SFH is...
Shared Care Case Study