Cervical screening in pregnancy

Practice Point REC14.11: Cervical screening in pregnancy

Routine antenatal and postpartum care should include a review of the woman’s cervical screening history. Women who are due or overdue for screening should be screened.

Practice Point REC14.12: Cervical screening in pregnancy

A woman can be safely screened at any time during pregnancy provided that the correct sampling equipment is used. An endocervical brush should not be inserted into the cervical canal because of the risk of associated bleeding which may distress women.

Practice Point REC14.13: Self-collection in pregnancy

All women who are due for cervical screening during pregnancy may be offered the option of self-collection of a vaginal swab for HPV testing, after counselling by a health care professional about the small risk of bleeding. Women testing positive for HPV (not 16/18) on a self-collected sample should be advised to return so that a cervical sample for LBC can be collected by the healthcare provider

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Last reviewed November 16, 2023.